Establishing & Maintaining Networks
Establishing & Maintaining Networks
Switch, router, gateway, subnet, firewall
Website Design
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Our Main Practice Areas

We Sell Marketplace Platforms

Do you want to expand your company or, as an entrepreneur, gather suppliers under the same roof and create a marketplace? Well, don’t you have the time, team and most importantly experience to create the software for this? Then you are in the right place…

Geodetic Surveys

We do conduct with the highest degree of accuracy to provide widely spaced control points on the earth’s surface for subsequent plane surveys and field surveys. We use sophisticated instruments, accurate methods of observations, and their computation with accurate adjustment. We have very good references in Saudi Arabia.

Remote Support Services

DAS has dedicated staff for providing on-call IT support and services. With DAS, you are not just hiring a business solution provider, but became partners with experienced professionals who are known for exceeding the expectations, rather than just meeting them. With our solutions, your business gets a clear road map for increasing employee morale, overall communication, efficiency, and productivity.

Firewall & Network Security

We create Security Wall and Network Security that meets your personal needs. Choose from a wide range of options and capabilities to work comfortably as you like.

Web Site Design

First, we want to understand what you want from your site and how you plan to implement it. Then we run the site through numerous tests to make sure it works flawlessly and finally, after successful testing, we deliver the product to the customer for their use. Shall we start?

Geophysical Surveys

Pipelines and utilities, underground storage tanks and drums, unmarked gravesites, and archaeological studies. Landfill and burial trench delineation, Geology and bedrock depth studies, and karst and sinkhole location.